Movement (crit day)01/11/2018- Thursday



 In the afternoon session,  we started with a crit preparation before our presentation. 

# Hashtags/ Search terms: Contract, Engulf, Conceal, Stretch, Expand, Curl


What is it? a body adornment in the shape of contraction 

Who is it for? It's better to say that the piece is to express the beauty of our negative emotions and struggles, rather than referring to who it is for as the piece will be grandiloquent for daily wear. 

Where would it be used? It would be effective if the piece is worn in a particular event which can promote the message through the jewellery piece such as performance art. 

Why is it wanted? A non-verbal message can be spread through the piece as mental feelings are uneasy to express. 

How does it work? When the wearer bends the arms, the piece will shrink and expand. 


Later, we were divided into groups of four with a mixture of students from the chosen pathway in their project. I was the first sharer among us and was only allowed to present my project within 5 minutes.  One of which I think was the most helpful feedback was I had presented too much research. Although I had done a depth of research, I should consider deliberately what I wanted my audience to know about. To show the real gist of my project, Georgie suggested that we should start talking about our final outcome first which I think that might allow the audience to know briefly what I made before understanding the concept lied behind. 


Structure & Surface: Crit Day ( 11/10/2018)

Today, we had a project pre-assessment discussion and during the conversation, I realised that I have neglected several important elements in the development of my design. It was further reassured when we had the small group critique session which your group mate will write down their feedback after your short presentation. I have been focusing majorly on the exploration of different materials which I aimed to create something with an interesting structure and surface. My final choice of the material is based on the shape and colour of cotton buds resembled the skeletal structure.  However, my overly - focus on the experimentation on a diverse range of materials caused me to lost of the track of the concept I would like to present behind the piece



Illuminate ( Crit day)04/10/2018-Thursday


Short summary of "ILLUMINATE" project

I was interested in the relationship between light and shapes. I first did some abstract sketches responding to the geometric shapes that I saw at the KingX Station and Granary Building. Later, I moved to explore how light interacts with our human body and eventually I discovered interesting shapes and shadows formed by wrapping my hand around a light torch. Together with sketches obtained in my primary research which are black stokes with random intersection reminded me of human hair. Additionally, the refraction of light from cobweb( spiders' silks)  inspired me to use shimmering white hair. My final prototype assembles on the top of the head with the form shaped with wire mash and wrapped in white extensive hair.IMG_1436.JPG

Questions I need to reflect after the crit day:

  • How did I manage my time during the weekend
  • How many days beforehand should I have completed the final design and proceed the building progress?
  • Did I consider why the final design was in such shape?
  • did I think you I wanted to put the design on the top of my head? Regarding being inspired by the luminous loop you can often see in portraits of gods and saints

Illuminate ( self-directed day 27/09/2018)

Today we continued on idea generation of our design. Regarding my choice of focusing on the relationship between light and shape, I decided to further develop on one of those I took in primary research. Going back to the previous page of my sketchbook, I explored my response to geometric shapes and how they could be assembled on our bodies. That gave me an idea of the response of light on our bodies. Eventually, I was appealed to a shape of a semi-circle with a bright spot at the centre as that reminded me of the eclipse and works of a light artist, Olafur Elliason.

I chose shapes which I had seen at the KingX station and the Granary Building. In the morning session, we did sketches on the subject’s form of shape, light and movement. Later on, when I interpreted my observation of light from sketches I drew, I had recorded them using fine line strokes and shades as considered light travel so fast that it cannot be seen by naked eye. Those sketching techniques may help to define the direction and shape of the light rays clearly when it shone on a surface.

Illuminate ( tutored day) 01/10/2018-

I was stuck with the finalised design for the project as I had too many ideas which so I am unsure which and what I should build into a 3D model. Therefore, I had a one-to-one conversation with the tutor which his advice was from his point of view, my marks responding to shapes reminded him of human hairs. It was a very challenging task when I tried to grab only a small amount of hair, also the hair got tangled very easily on wire mash. Therefore, I wet the hair first to enable it to lay and spread over the wire mash more quickly and neatly. 


 Drawback and evaluation of the chosen material:

  • The object weighed up and it is difficult to be supported behind the head
  • Should have tried sculpted foam board
  • Although foam boards may weigh lighter, I also need to concern how I can utilise the hair with the foam board as there will be no sharp edges like wires to hold the hair tightly

Illuminate (tutored day, 24/09/2018)

Today, we visited the KingX station and the Granary building for primary research. The day was majorly about sketching items you see and inspired which were relevant to "Illuminate".  Before the activity started, the tutors had suggested we could use different drawing techniques to record what we would see. Due to the limited time and inconveniency, I obtained to capture a rough draft of the item I saw with a lighter pencil and emphasize the major parts with darker strokes. This was a quick and easy way to show other people what I was attracted to.

“Explore it"

When we did the primary research, I learnt the importance of the way you display your goods, we explored small grocery stores and retail convenience stores such as Coop and Sainsbury. This is a core element of the number of customers you will have. The little shops are small with narrow corridors and with goods stacked up while the larger stores have everything well packaged in plastic wrappers. This may assure the consumers that they care about the hygiene condition of their raw food. Also, I was aware that there display racks were designed particularly for the product, such as the racks of the bananas are slant and semi-doomed, this allowed the banana to sit stably on the racks and also able to be seen by the customers at the same time.

I also learnt today during the group discussion of things needed to be considered to satisfy the purpose of the product. Using the three types of fruits as an example, I should consider the characteristics of the fruit including the size, skin etc. We also struggled of making up a final decision for what to be built. Product design which may require teamwork and discussion as more technical issues would be concerned, whereas in jewellery design, which I am interested in, is more towards the conceptual idea of the final piece. 




"Idea Factory" tutored day (12/09/2018)

Finally, my first project “ Ideal Factory” has reached an end. Before we proceeded with the presentation session, we did small groups sharing of our proposals. I think having an audience on a smaller scale can actually boost my level of confidence in talking about my work. It also allowed me to learn about others’ feedbacks and to improve my design before showcasing to more people. 

 For my proposal, I decided to make a piece of accessory and selected to focus on a harmless skin lesion named Vitiligo, which is a symptom with some parts of your skin unpigmented, leading to patches of white or dark skin on your body. I thought the skin symptom look as if drops of inks on the skin, which I believed this was a piece of natural art instead of a person being tagged into the abnormal group. Being given the three terms,(Anarchism, wrap and ink), I decided to focus on our freedom to define what beauty is and do what we are happy about.

 The tattoo was the first object which came up in my mind when I thought of the relationship between “ ink” and “wrap”. Throughout my research, I could see the evolution of my ideas, from understanding the skin patterns of vitiligo to building a piece of body adornment, then moving forward by applying more elements into the design such as bringing the effect of light and shadow into the design



So in the second half of the day, we underwent the presentation session. Although I wasn’t picked for sharing, I recognized my development of design was poorly developed after reviewing those who presented in front of everyone. I realized that I had relatively paid more attention to the aesthetic aspect of my sketchbook rather than the development of my ideas. Instead of showing a juicy evolution of ideas, I was managing to fill in items required in the sketchbook. I think what’s bad about my sketchbook work is I decorated a page with textual information instead of extracting ideas from my research. On the other hand, I think I produced large-scale sketches which gives a clear visual communication when others were reading through my sketchbook work as reflected on some students proposal which their final sketch was lying on the bottom of the sheet. After seeing other students’ works, I came to a realization that sketching techniques and size of drawings can drive my mind to a larger space of idea generation.

Movement (tutored day)05/11/2018-Monday

I attained that it is very important that you evolute you ideas all through the way instead of just dumping all the information that you found interesting into the folder. As the amount of research has accumulated, I had too many ideas which I could not decide what to make for my final piece. So today, I had a chat with Owen and he reminded me that I always need to link back everything I researched to the core concept of the project. We did a mind map while we discussed and I found it very helpful to know actually what I have been after and would like to focus on. In addition to his advice, I had a clearer direction and vision of what I would like to build. 

As I wanted to build something which can bend and flex. I came across the idea of using silicone rubber. However, it would require lots of time to layer it up to a thicker piece of plastic. Then, I thought of using the hot glue gun. Remembered of the pivot mechanism on the expanding furniture of Thomas Heatherwick, I tried leaving gaps in between the glue and eventually, the result came out effective in terms of the intended function and aesthetics. 

Movement (self-directed day)31/10/2018-Wednesday

I had troubles with the size of pictures for the design sheets. I no longer see that the reprinting process as time-consuming though it would be a waste of paper. Building design sheets taught me to think cautiously of the things that I want my audience that can understand instantly from viewing, so I can decide the size of the picture before making errors. 

I only built a section of my final outcome. I am satisfied with its lightweight of the glue and the form of shape is similar to what i visualised. However, I would like to see how my piece will look like if it is in colour instead of using light. As for the lit up part of my piece, I considered of directing UV light onto the piece which might give a luminous effect. 


What did I also tried but the outcome wasn't that effective?

I tried to pierce thin paper strips through the holes of the piece. However, due to the irregularity of the holes, the paper strips resulted in a wiggly line on the piece which I didn't see it very pleasant. 


Movement ( tutored day) 25/11/2018-thursday

We had a presentation on how to build design sheets and we had a try in constructing them during class. However, as I had not decided what  I would like to display on my sheets( as my concept behind the project was still unclear), I preferred working my sheets on my laptop for convenience. Yet, Georgie insisted me to make it out physically which I didn't see the importance which laid behind at first. I later understood her intention as I could actually try out if the printed pictures are actually in the most appropriate on the A2 white paper.

Movement (tutored day)23/10/2018-tuesday

Suggested by Owen that my first 3D model made during class could vary in size, such as in a larger scale might create a different effect on the body. Therefore, I tried to stretch and expand the pictures of my 3D models. When I did responses on the edited pictures by sketching, I also tried merging the pictures on a body in foetal position. 

Movement (tutored day)22/10/2018-Monday

After a week of research, I decided to focus on the words " contract, engulf, conceal, stretch and expand'. During the lesson today, we were asked to build a 3D model in reference to the words chosen individually. Inspired by the swimming movement of jellyfish, and the movement of forming a foetal position from a human body, I made a rough paper bracelet in the shape of a hemisphere. We later moved to the review session when other people will guess the words behind your model and I received words such as " rolling and wave" which I thought it might be clearer in presenting my idea along with the bending of the body parts. As I tried building adornments mostly on the head session, I would like to explore my piece on other body parts and on a different scale. Furthermore, I should have a more diverse range of research such as looking into the cultural and historical context to investigate the evolution of objects from the past century to the present. 


Movement( self directed day) 17/10/2018-Wednesday

Today, I went to visit the London aquarium, Sealife. My aim of the visit was to view on the jellyfish section. It's been a long time since I last visited an aquarium and I learnt that different types of jellyfish swim in different ways. What I found enjoyable to look at was the free-flow of their tentacles after the contraction and relaxation when they swam. At night, I discovered a new series of the hat, which was designed by the designer Philip Treacy, in the collaboration with Valentino. A massive umbrella-shaped hat made out of feathers which bounce up and down in mid-air when the model walks. I think he has a very strong observation and chooses the material appropriately which surely present the movement of a jellyfish. Instead of being driven pressure from water current, the hat can also move freely and lightly in the air. His works allowed me to see the probability of transiting the thing from impossible( Unexpected) to possible. 


Movement (self directed day) 15/10/2018-Monday

  • visited the Victoria & Albert Museum 
  • What was the aim of my visit?to search for inspiring movement in other artworks
  • appealed to the " Tactual Stimulation" created by Dafna Kaffeman with lampworked glass filaments on a silicone core
  • IMG_0917.JPG
  • how does it look like? i think it is a resemblance of a blooming flower such as a chrysanthemum with very delicate point flower petals 
  • what was the artist trying to explore? She was exploring the complex psychology around our urge to touch things that are both beautiful and dangerous.
  • What do I like about it particularly? As the sculpture is not fully bloomed, it creates an illusion that seems it is still expanding outwards or maybe it is actually moving inwards. The semi-opened floral sculpture presented its layers more clearly and this shaped the sculpture more three dimensional. 
  • Is there any idea generation after my visit to the museum? After the view, I am interested to further explore the movement of contraction, I excited to see how I can apply such movement into my jewellery piece.

Structure & Surface (self-directed day) 10/10/2018-Wednesday

Today, I further moved on to the final design. I first experimented the shape by cutting out a paper template and accidentally I found out the cut-out scraps could form interesting shapes on the body. I had obstacles during my modelling process. I came across problems of attaching cotton buds together, which were the final chosen material, together. Also, cotton buds are actually not the ideal material to place on the face as the cotton tips would not be favourable to be on a face with makeup on. Reflecting on my development progress, I had intended to create something complicated in shape, but I could also create something in details with the material from a simple shape. Sometimes, thinking too hard for the complexity might bring less surprise and strike to the final result.




Structure & Surface (tutored day -04/10/2018 )

Today, we did more 3D modelling with self-brought materials. On the night before the day, I looked at the limited resources I have on my cupboard. As I am appealed to the skeletal structures, I noticed the colour and shape of cotton buds have a resemblance of the skeleton, so I decided to seek what I was able to make out of this material. During the trials, I used masking tape to allow the cotton buds to sit in the shape I wanted. Yet, the wrap of tapes was unseemly conducive to create the natural bond of bones you could see in skeletons normally.


Structure & Surface (tutored day -09/10/2018 )

 It was just another day for the development and modelling of our final design, I didn't have a clue what to build until I looked into the sketches and ideas I responded from the quick 3D models I made and the striped paper model inspired me to build on top of the head. Therefore, I searched and discovered a British artist, Phillip Treacy, who is well-known for his abnormal designs of the hat and head adornments. The shapes he chose are weird but interestingly contradicts with the shape of the human body. Therefore, I further explored with the skeleton-inspired model in which they reminded me of apple peeled skin and I looked for compelling shapes within the rough models I made and tried to assemble it onto a human body. 

Structure & Surface (tutored day- )

The first day for our new one week project " Structure & Surface", I went to the library at King's Cross to search for interested resources. I did have struggles of where I should start researching. Therefore, I first looked into recommended books in the bibliography which the books helped me to be exposed to the diverse possibility of a material in an artwork. 

Illuminate ( tutored day, 25/09/2018)

Another day for 3D modelling, inspired by the spider cobweb, I was intending to build a thread wrapped sculpture with PVA glue. Although the experiment failed at the end due to the inadequate layers of threads, the experiments with lighting created captivating shadows. When we moved on to idea generation by sketching, the shadows of threads drove me to draw stokes onto geometric shapes captured during my primary research. 


"Wear it"

When I thought of the word “surround”, it was not only about a physical object surrounding or wrapping around our body, it also reminded me of sounds, imagine if we lost our hearing ability, how will it affect us? People always take sound for granted.

Therefore, I first did research on our ears and sound waves and I discovered things, which I had never known of before such as how vibration of sound can create exquisite organic form patterns in the experiment with salt.

During my development of the idea, I hoped to my design is more conceptual-based and the human’s inner ear-cochlea gave me an idea of merging its form of shape into my design. Also, I also looked into the features of animals’ ears, which have a high hearing ability. It was very interesting and challenging when trying to frame all the chosen elements into one design. 


"Build it"

The first project of the week is “ Build it”. It was a fast-paced day, as the project would finish by the end of the day. Our first task was to build a 3D structure with bamboo sticks and plastic cable. Overall, I think we had done a nice job in teamwork in which means there are sufficient communication and interaction among the member. However, we were fairly unaware of the time and we rushed to get the task completed instead of really had a deep thought of the potential of the 3D shape we created such as where the idea or inspiration came from and whether there is a strong base built. During the progress of construction, as we were told to build two platonic solids at the start, we didn’t raise a concern for the overlapping of bamboo sticks after combining the two 3D models, until the tutor came around and brought up the concern.

I replied in an artistic perception that its purpose was to embellish the appearance of the structure shocked the tutor which instantly I realized I set a wrong understanding of architecture. The organization of materials should be prioritized then the aesthetic aspect would be considered after. Moving on was defining the function of structure, we were asked to create visualization by covering some parts of the structure with paper. Not only did this method help to create a clearer vision of the functionality of the structure, but it also allowed me to see the possibility of looking at new forms of the structure.

The quick pace of the project was never within my expectation. Yet, through this one-day project, I had a further recognition of architecture and the importance of time management, especially in group work.

"Idea Factory" tutored day(11/09/2018)

Today, we did some sketching techniques and visualisation by collage and 3D paper model. And during the process,  a sentence said by my tutor struck me to realise how design should be. As I was still uncertain of the concept I would like to focus on my project, I intended to reconstruct my mindmap. He approached our table to see how's our progress, I replied to him that I was still thinking, while he responded quickly in a serious tone," There is no time to think." His words instantly stimulated me to learn about the limitation of time for a project in which is also very important to remember if you work in the industry.

"Idea Factory" tutored day(10/09/2018)

The two main challenges I encountered on the first day of my course is a verbal presentation of my work and ideas generation. Beside of saying your works should be able to speak for itself, it is also crucial how you present your ideas to your audience verbally. In our first week of the new school term,  we had “Idea Factory” and we were requested to develop a design based on three given terms, “ Anarchism, wrap and ink”. I wondered how I could produce more than 10 ideas shortly. However, thanks to the limited time activity, my mind was overflown with lots of ideas, which is why the tutors wanted us to record all the ideas which I came across on my mind.

Until this moment, there were still ideas popping up in my mind.  In fact, there are invisible connections between everything. You might think that they were irrelevant, yet still, they could end up to be one of the best ideas you have generated. I think I have to get used to thinking outside the box and seeing more works from other people.  Therefore, I planned to visit at least an art exhibition each week as I might be able to grab some inspiration on starting my own project.